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Company Description

myPSW is the only “Direct Access Home Care” model that allows families to locate and hire qualified PSWs directly but also manages all of your transactions such as time tracking and invoicing on your behalf? myPSW has been fully endorsed by the Ontario Personal Support Workers Association (OPSWA).

Watch this video and get inspired!

Job Description

myPSW is looking for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) that have the following skills sets:

  • highly organized;
  • good interpersonal skills;
  • self-motivated and reliable;
  • confident in their capabilities and training;
  • take pride in their vocation as a PSW;


All PSWs using the myPSW service must have:

  • a Personal Support Worker Certificate from one of the following institutions listed here;
  • valid Police Check;
  • see website for details;

Additional Information

Earn More
myPSW was created with the input of PSWs, like yourself and enables families to secure more affordable home care but also have the knowledge that their PSWs can earn more.


  • have better control of your own schedule;
  • build your own client base;
  • receive referrals close to where you live;
  • earn more (almost $17 per hour);
  • no paperwork;

If you are already employed or applying for other positions, you can still participate with myPSW as well. You decide whether you have room in your schedule to take on more direct clients. It is up to you.

Learn more by coming to our website at and then join over 1,000 other PSWs that have already added their profiles. THERE ARE NO UP FRONT FEES TO JOIN!!. Register NOW and have families contact you.

If you still have questions contact us at 1-855-325-3916 and we will be happy to assist you.

Step 1
After viewing a PSW Profile that is of interest to you, login to myPSW and register. Initiating your profile is a requirement before you can contact a Personal Support Worker directly.
Step 2
While logged in, send a message or a poke to the PSW to inform them of your potential interest in hiring them. Response times will vary from PSW to PSW due to their other professional obligations.

If you have not received a response within 24 hours you may wish to find an alternative candidate.
Step 3
After being contacted by a PSW and meeting them in person, should you wish to hire their services you will need to complete all mandatory fields in your profile including providing us your credit card information.
Top 10 PSW FAQ
Top 10 Consumer FAQ
General Disclaimer
By using the myPSW website you fully understand that:

myPSW has CHECKED that the PSW has achieved a PSW Certificate, a Police Check and has acquired Liability Insurance by reviewing copies of documents provided to us by the PSW through electronic facsimile. It is the sole responsibility of the client to request the PSW to provide original documentation to ensure authenticity.

myPSW IS NOT THE EMPLOYER of PSWs and we do not meet, interview, supervise or train the PSWs listed on this site. You acknowledge that myPSW service provides self-employed PSWs i) a referral service or ii) a transactional service to facilitate administrative tasks on their behalf in exchange for a fee. Clients acknowledge that there are circumstances where they may be considered to be the employer by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and it is the client’s sole responsibility in consultation with the PSW and/or advisors and/or the CRA to make this determination.

You assume and willingly understand and accept all risks associated with dealing with individuals that you come into contact with through use of this website, including but not limited to physical harm, lost profits, financial loss, damage to property and moral damages.

Customer Service Questions

myPSW will make every effort to answer any questions you may have relating to our service as promptly and professionally as possible.

For registered users of this site, if we cannot answer your question or concern through email, we will contact you directly by phone.

Quality of Care Questions

Quality of care questions should be directed to your PSW. This could include but not limited to issues related to lateness , no shows, general conduct, etc. . .

If there are serious issues you would like to report to us relating to the quality of care or service that results in you dismissing your PSW, we would absolutely want to hear about these so these can be documented and discussed directly with the PSW.

Welcome to myPSW!
myPSW 3 Steps This video will provide a quick overview of the myPSW model and how working with a PSW directly can enhance your home care experience.
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myPSW – How it works
myPSW Learn how easy the process is, after locating a PSW candidate on myPSW. Also includes a brief description how our billing process works.
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Step 1
Login to the myPSW portal and register. You will need to meet myPSW eligibility requirements before you are considered fully registered.
Step 2
You will then start to receive referrals from interested parties that have seen your profile on myPSW.

If it is a good fit and a schedule can be agreed upon simply wait for a confirmation by email.
Step 3
From the time slip created from our automated system, we will generate an invoice on your behalf which your client will pay through myPSW.

A deposit will be made directly into your account by-weekly.
Your Consumer’s Benefits?

Total control over the PSW they choose.

Ability to locate a local PSW in minutes.

Transparent billing practices. Billable rate is $20 per hour.

Direct nature of model increases chances of longevity and loyalty between family and PSW.

All PSWs have a achieved PSW certificate.

All PSWs have obtained an updated Police check.

All PSWs have obtained liability insurance of at least two million dollars.

Advanced time tracking that ensures greater accuracy in billing and accountability.

Significant savings in the range of anywhere between 25% to 40% compared to industry average.

Did you know?

Over 80% of home care is provided by Personal Support Workers.

Supply of trained PSWs has difficulty keeping up with demand due to our aging population.

Many PSW working in private home care earn just above minimum wage.

One of the biggest issues in providing home care is high turnover.


Looking for additional consultative advice relating to how much home care your loved may require?

Would you like to know what your options are for assistive devices, home accessibility and/or safety?

Maybe you would like to know what your options are relating to retirement homes or long term care facilities in your area.

Send us a request and a qualified Health Care Provider (Nurse or Occupational Therapist) will contact you directly with a complimentary thirty minute consultation.

Allow us to help keep your loved one at home longer, while providing you the "peace of mind" of knowing that you have help making these sometimes difficult transitional decisions.

OPSWA Endorsement

OPSWA is proud to have provided our insights into the daily working lives of Personal Support Workers to myPSW. It is our hope and belief that our perspective has helped myPSW develop a direct home care model that will better serve consumers and PSWs alike.

We are happy to provide ongoing support and endorse the myPSW model that promotes the professionalism and profession of the PSW, as well as supporting our mission statement.

    Miranda Ferrier
President of OPSWA
Your PSW’s Benefits?

Net earnings are significantly higher than industry average.

No canvassing of client's. Referrals are provided directly.

Pride that comes with developing own clientele.

Proximity of clients will tend to be closer.

Better control over their own scheduling.

Little to no paperwork. Invoicing is done for them.